About 2017

The inaugural Deep Dive took place in March 2017 in gorgeous beachside Manly. An exclusive cohort of delegates attended for two days of sharing and challenging their mindsets in a private, collegial atmosphere.

  • You managed to bring together a remarkable group of people – a real skill and testament to your deep understanding of the 21st century workplace. It was a refreshing change from being presented at. The discussions were lively, and the learning sessions thought provoking – I certainly got so much out of it including a whole set of new friendships. There was time for introspection, some great insights into how others are solving similar problems, and above all an environment of sharing and respect. I certainly will look forward to the next one.Bruce Haefele, GM Technology, Healthdirect Australia
  • “Such a great session. Dr Lea Waters was fantastic and I took away some great insights and tips for questioning my own confirmation bias.”Tiziana Bianco, General Manager Innovation Labs, Commonwealth Bank
  • “Amazing. So much great content.”Ben Gracewood, Chief Delivery Officer, Vend
  • “Well done; the Deep Dive was a really worthwhile couple of days, superbly run. And as always, it’s the people that make it so – my thanks for curating that list so well, but also for the presenters you invited along. However it is you identify and engage them always seems to work really well; novel and interesting and challenging – and relevant.”Nigel Lawrence, Director of Products, Solair.com.au
  • “A really good forum to make connections and share learnings.”Cyrus Adaggra, Director, Corporate Development, Telstra
  • “Suuuuuuuch a great event thank you all for making it so meaningful and fun.”Alan Jones, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, KPMG and Mentor, Blue Chilli
  • “Thanks so much for having me at the Deep Dive. I got a tonne out of it.”John Henderson, Partner, Airtree Ventures
  • “What you and your team do is very important to the tech ecosystem.”David Spence, Director and Chairman, PayPal Australia and previously Chairman, Vocus
Bill Bartee

Co-founder and Partner, Blackbird Ventures
What corporates can learn from the questions VCs ask

Brendan Boyle

Founder, IDEO Toy Lab
The role of play in innovation

Didier Elzinga

CEO and Founder, Culture Amp
How to build a team of teams

Jodie Fox

Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder, Shoes of Prey
Evolving partnerships

David Spence

Director and Chairman, PayPal Australia and previously Chairman, Vocus
Hard leadership decisions for the long-term

Lea Waters

Gerry Higgins Chair in Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne
Strength-based teams