Beyond Budgeting

with Bjarte Bogsnes – Chairman, Beyond Budgeting Institute Senior Advisor Performance Framework, Statoil

Delve into an engaging discussion on business agility centred on why traditional management is in serious trouble, and how to move beyond it. Bjarte will explore how to make organisations more Agile and more human, and how to unlock performance potential.

On Day Two, you will get a crash course in Beyond Budgeting, an adaptive management model. Attendees will learn about all aspects of this model, from background to philosophy to its 12 principles covering leadership and management.

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Strategic agility

with Steve Denning – Author

Explore the concept of strategic agility: the next frontier of Agile management. Steve will help you to understand how to prepare your organisation to not just be ‘slightly better’ than everyone else in a crowded and established field, but instead to create new markets and dominate them. He will also share a playbook for generating market-creating innovations – and the necessary shift in culture that is required.

Then, join Steve’s Day Two workshop and continue to deep dive with the aim of answering three simple questions: how do organisations flourish in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), where the customer is in charge of the marketplace? Why has embracing this new way of running organisations become a necessity? What can leaders at all levels of the society do to create more energising, prosperous and meaningful mode of working and living?

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Product strategy

with Melissa Perri – CEO, ProdUX Labs

What does a good product strategy look like? How do you transition from a sales-led organisation to a product-led organisation? Join Melissa for a deep dive into product management and discover how to create a product strategy that will further the business, align teams and build products that customers want.

On Day Two, Melissa will dive deeper with her workshop to share tips on how to manage a product organisation. She’ll cover the essentials on what is needed for Product Management to function from a management standpoint, including tips for creating and deploying a strategy, product roadmapping, goal setting, prioritisation, and cadence for teams.

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