Growth is hard. Creating a resilient organisation that creates sustainable value is really hard.

A two-day event experience aimed specifically at senior leaders, The Deep Dive will be held on Monday 6 – Tuesday 7 March 2017 in Manly. The event will comprise one-stream featuring in-depth discussions and sharing between no more than 70 delegates.

The Deep Dive is about moving beyond what you already know, and providing the right mix of ingredients to allow real discovery and exploration. Get amongst other leaders from R&D organisations, startups, and the big end of town, and drill down into topics around learning and growth in partnership with The Deep Dive’s speakers and advisors. Prepare to be challenged by working alongside familiar and strange bedfellows in an intimate, confidential space designed for sharing and development. And prepare to be surprised by who you meet and what you learn!

Participants will explore how to rethink your organisation, change management thinking, maximise potential, create ways to build more products, expand your customer base, reduce risk when trying something new, communicate to staff across geographical and cultural chasms, and breathe life into your organisation.

Hear from those who are endeavouring to build nourishing work environments to support talented people, take risks, launch new ventures, reinvent their company or products, and leverage knowledge as a business asset.

Event Experience

The Deep Dive is a unique event experience that is designed to provide senior executives with two days of space and time to reflect, be challenged, and come away with practical strategies on leading for growth.

Taking place on Monday 6 – Tuesday 7 March 2017, The Deep Dive is an all-inclusive event – registration includes luxurious accommodation and delicious meals, giving you a totally immersive experience of learning, networking, and reflection.

Advisory Panel

The Deep Dive is supported by a panel of specialist advisors, who provide guidance and expertise on the content that matters. Find out more here.

Locale / Environment

Held in the beautiful, seaside suburb of Manly at the tail-end of the Australian summer, The Deep Dive combines an atmosphere of beachy with the space and environment to focus on growing your organisation. Find out more about the venue here.